Saturday, July 18, 2009

Feast of July

I think that there should be an amendment forcing all Americans to indulge in a Fourth of July feast every year. This feast can include, but is not limited to:

Wikihow to make a watermelon more fun:
Cut the top off and scoop out the inside. Put the watermelon flesh into a bowl.
Add all the vodka in your freezer and mix with a spoon. Enjoy the boozy juice with straws and then eat the fruit.
There are several options for what to do next. One of which is putting on an all American faded jean headband and drinking from the watermelon.

Another option is to poke two holes at the top of the watermelon, thread some string and make yourself a watermelon purse (Not pictured).

Save the booze-free top of the watermelon for your XXX friends to enjoy.
Cheese platter of domestic cheeses.
Warning: If you choose to listen to Brand New or any other emo music while feasting, YOUR FLOWERS WILL WILT AND DIE.
Chocolate dipped in chunky peanut butter.
Hot dogs/ not dogs.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Taqueria Cancun. Delicious and no diarrhea! 

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ali Baba is the best. EVER.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

San Francisco

Bob's Donuts is my favorite place on earth.

The Primavera mexican  tent at the market at the Ferry Building on Saturdays is great. They always have the longest line but its worth the wait. 

Friday, February 13, 2009


Mountain Drive
Drive from Bassano to Cortina or Dobbiaco. Go through Alleghe and Selva di Cadore. Get out at the top of the Passo Giau, its fucking beautiful. 

On the way back, take SR48 and get out at the top of Falzarego and take the gondola up to the top.

I don't care how many tourists are there or how smelly it is, I love this place. It is the most magical place on earth.
Best Restaurant: Alla Madonna. It's written up a lot but it is fucking perfect. Go there. 

Favorite Place, Period: Basilica dei Frari. 

 The Biennale is great, of course.

Lido is kind of weird and can be gross, especially parts of the free beach (shown here). But its a fun adventure and I highly recommend it.

Bassano Del Grappa
There are a lot of old people here, but its fucking great. 

Best Grocery: Venzo.

Best Pasticceria: Dolce Bassano. 

Best Hotel: Palazzo Murat. The town is full of amazing hotels but this one has really great character and a great location. There is hotel boat that is complementary to guests that goes out twice a day along the coast and it so beautiful and relaxing. The beach can get so crowded and hot, the boat is a nice break. The driver cuts up fruit while you're out.

Istanbul/ Copenhagen

ALL THINGS COOL... ACCORDING TO ME. Travel and food. I wish I knew of a travel blog written by someone who is actually cool and has good taste and since I can't find one and am cool and have good taste, I will write my own. 

I will begin with the coolest bar I visited. Araf. It is in Taksim. You have to walk up like four flights of stairs and the place is really cool. 

The best textile shop I have ever been to was in the Grand Bazaar, Egin

Stop at a Turkish delight and baklava shop in Sultanahmet. 

Buy Simit from someone on the street.

Watch a soccer game in the street in Taksim.


Best bakery: Skt. Peder's Bageri on Skt. Peders Straede. Seriously, best baked goods I have ever had.


Best Stores: Weekday MTWTFSS. map. The address is Vestergade 23. 
Henrik Vibskov. map. The address is Krystalgade 6.

Best Brunch: Landromat Cafe. map. Sit outside. 

 Go to the beach! This is Klampenborg. When you're there, walk to Bakken, the oldest amusement park in the world.

Most Fun: Distortion. 

Midsummer. Go to a beach and there will be a bonfire and fun.