Friday, February 13, 2009


Mountain Drive
Drive from Bassano to Cortina or Dobbiaco. Go through Alleghe and Selva di Cadore. Get out at the top of the Passo Giau, its fucking beautiful. 

On the way back, take SR48 and get out at the top of Falzarego and take the gondola up to the top.

I don't care how many tourists are there or how smelly it is, I love this place. It is the most magical place on earth.
Best Restaurant: Alla Madonna. It's written up a lot but it is fucking perfect. Go there. 

Favorite Place, Period: Basilica dei Frari. 

 The Biennale is great, of course.

Lido is kind of weird and can be gross, especially parts of the free beach (shown here). But its a fun adventure and I highly recommend it.

Bassano Del Grappa
There are a lot of old people here, but its fucking great. 

Best Grocery: Venzo.

Best Pasticceria: Dolce Bassano. 

Best Hotel: Palazzo Murat. The town is full of amazing hotels but this one has really great character and a great location. There is hotel boat that is complementary to guests that goes out twice a day along the coast and it so beautiful and relaxing. The beach can get so crowded and hot, the boat is a nice break. The driver cuts up fruit while you're out.

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